Survivors Banquet

by Brady Raymond

SB collage

Animal serving

Animal is the man.

The 2017 mushroom season is upon us.  Before we know it the rain will start to ease up, the sun will shine, temperatures will rise and mushrooms will grow.  And if you’re lucky, experienced or a bit of both your baskets should be full of morels and spring porcini in the coming months.  What better way to start the season than to celebrate our success of the past year and to and get excited for the fun to come.  The Survivors Banquet is that celebration, good people and good food, good drink and good cheer were had by all.

It should be mentioned that events like this would not be possible without the help from all the volunteers.  PSMS is an all volunteer organization, without volunteers nothing would get done, to everyone who volunteered for this event thank you. With that being said an especially big thanks goes to Animal, this guy can do it all and when he sets out to complete a task he nails it every time (think Ben Woo Foray, cultivation classes).

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