A Simple Oyster Mushroom Breakfast


Fried eggs on english muffins with oyster mushrooms and fresh herbs

by Erin & Brady Raymond

Saute the oyster mushrooms in butter on medium high until they start to look crispy. Once they look done,  put them on a plate with a paper towel to soak up the excess butter while cooking the eggs and toasting the english muffins.  This breakfast comes together pretty quickly and the fresh parsley and thyme really set it off.

Often times keeping it simple yields delicious results, case in point.  It was exciting to find our first oysters of the year too, and that surely made such a simple recipe that much more rewarding.  We noticed a number of small oysters growing on a log, too small to harvest, just before we found this nice little clump (pictured below).  The weather has been perfect as of late and I’m sure anyone who takes the time to look for dead Alder trees will find themselves eating some oyster mushrooms too.

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“The Greys” – Flush from 2015 PSMS Annual Mushroom Show Grow Kit.