Scenes From Ben Woo, 2018

Mushrooms BW 2018

by Brady Raymond

The Ben Woo Foray for 2018 was a nice change of pace from last years foray which featured wet snow and cold temperatures.  This year was warm and sunny, and although a little dry, it was a blast for all who attended.  The mushrooming wasn’t quite what it was like in the first iteration of the foray but specimens were found, identified and generally admired by all who attended.  A variety of mushrooms were found this year, by a count of species, just over two-hundred.  Not bad considering the dry weather.

There were a lot of new faces for the third installment of the Ben Woo Foray as well as some of the more recognizable figures of the club.  Both new and old members came together, many of them volunteering their time to help make this outing the best it could be.

Gomphus sp.


Once again there were cooking and photography workshops and dying and cultivation classes too.  A-frame style barracks were opened up for attendees and it also appeared that a fair amount of folks camped.  As stated in years prior, the staff at the camp were outstanding, friendly and prompt in their duties.  Thank you to all the employees at Buck Creek.

Also, thanks to James Nowak and Luise Asif for putting this foray together.  Without their hard work, none of this would’ve happened.  Thanks again for all the volunteers, speakers, and guests who made this a weekend to remember.

Ben Woo Oct. 2018

Dyers Polypore

Below is the 2018 Ben Woo Foray species list prepared by Danny Miller, Shannon Adams, and Noah Siegel.

Albatrellopsis flettii
Alloclavaria purpurea
Amanita muscaria subsp. flavivolvata
Amanita augusta
Amanita muscaria var. formosa
Amanita silvicola
Ampulloclitocybe subclavipes
Antrodia sp.
Armillaria sinapina
Armillaria solidipes
Ascocoryne sp.
Atheniella adonis
Atheniella aurantiidisca
‘Atheniella’ acicula
Bertia moriformis
Bisporella citrina
Boletopsis grisea grp
Boletus fibrillosus
‘Boletus’ mirabilis
Bondarzewia occidentalis
Cantharellus subalbidus
Cantharellus formosus
Cerioporus leptocephalus
Chalciporus piperatus
Chroogomphus tomentosus
Chrysomphalina aurantiaca
Clavariadelphus occidentalis?
Clitocybe dilatata
Clitocybe sp. small white
Clitocybe sp. gray
Clitocybe maxima
Clitocybe nuda
Clitocybe sp. medium white
Coltricia sp.
Connopus acervatus
Coprinellus sp.
Coprinopsis lagopus
Cortinarius seidliae
Cortinarius brunneoalbus
Cortinarius collinitus group
Cortinarius sect. Dermocybe x2
Cortinarius sect. Dermocybe (small orange)
Cortinarius traganus
Cortinarius occidentalis
Cortinarius infractus
Cortinarius alboglobosus
Cortinarius alboviolaceus
Cortinarius aurantiobasis
Cortinarius laniger group
Cortinarius variosimilis
Cortinarius cupreorufus
Cortinarius smithii
Cortinarius camphoratus
Cortinarius vibratilis
Cortinarius variicolor
Cortinarius gentilis
Cortinarius subfoetidus
Cortinarius olympianus
Cortinarius ominosus
Cortinarius boulderensis
Cortinarius caperatus
Cortinarius cf. calyptratus
Cortinarius glaucopus group (straw)
Cortinarius glaucopus group (bluish)
Cortinarius sect. amonali
Craterellus “neotubaeformis”
Cystoderma amianthinum
Dicranophora fulva
Echinodontium tinctorium
Elaphomyces granulatus group
Entocybe trachyospora
Entoloma rhodopolium grp
Fomitopsis ochracea
Fomitopsis ‘pinicola’
Galerina vittiformis grp
Galerina semilanciata
Ganoderma applanatum
Gomphidius oregonensis
Gomphidius smithii
Gomphidius subroseus
Gomphus clavatus
Gymnopilus sapineus grp
Hebeloma sp
Hebeloma sp
Hebeloma sp
Hebeloma velutipes
Hebeloma sp
Helvella vespertina
Hericium abietis
Hydnellum complicatum/complectipes
Hydnellum peckii
Hygrophoropsis brown cap
Hygrophoropsis orange cap
Hygrophorus bakerensis
Hygrophorus pusillus
Hygrophorus piceae
Hypholoma capnoides
Hypholoma dispersum
Hypholoma fasciculare
Hypocrea pulvinata
Hypomyces cervinigenus
Hypomyces lateritius
Hypomyces microspermum
Inocybe ceskae (mixtilis)
Inocybe cincinnata
Inocybe geophylla grp
Inocybe pallidicremea (lilacina)
Inocybe pudica
Inocybe rimosa
Inocybe sp. (lacera? lanuginosa?)
Ischnoderma resinosum
Jahnoporus hirtus
Laccaria a-o
Laccaria bicolor
Laccaria sp. proxima or nobilis?
Lactarius fallax
Lactarius kauffmanii
Lactarius olympianus
Lactarius pseudomucidus
Lactarius rubrilacteus
Lactarius scrobiculatus
Lactarius subviscidus
Laetiporus conifericola
Laricifomes officianalis
Leccinum ponderosum grp or something
Lepiota magnispora
Leucopaxillus gentianeus
Lichenomphalia umbellifera
Lycoperdon nigrescens
Lycoperdon pyriforme
Lyophyllum decastes group
Lyophyllum sp. not darkening
Lyophyllum sp. staining black
Mycena abramsii
Mycena galericulata
Mycena haematopus
Mycena maculata
Mycena pura
Mycena strobilinoides
Nidula candida
Nidula niveotomentosa
Nolanea sp.
Onnia tomentosa
Ossicaulis lignatilis
Otidea onotica
Panaeolus papilionaceus
Phaeolus schweinitzii
Phellinus sp. (on hemlock)
Pholiota decorata (Danny’s concept)
Pholiota spumosa group
Pholiota astragalina
Pholiota decorata (Noah’s concept)
Pholiota lenta
Phylloporus arenicola
Picipes badius
Pleurocybella porrigens
Pluteus cervinus grp x3
Porodaedalia pini
Postia sp.
Psathyrella sp. X 2
Psathyrella longistriata
Pseudohydnum gelatinosum
Ramaria botrytis
Ramaria cystidiophora grp
Ramaria rubiginosa
Ramaria sp. X at least 5
Rhizopogon parksii grp
Rhodocollybia maculata
Rhodocollybia oregonensis
Russula americana
Russula brevipes
Russula cascadensis
Russula emetica
Russula grey heterophyllidia? stainer
Russula montana
Russula mordax
Russula murrillii grp
Russula olivacea
Russula phoenicia
Russula salishensis
Russula vinosa
Russula xerampelina
Sarcodon fuscoindicus
Sarcomyxa serotina
Strobilurus albipilatus
Stropharia ambigua
Stropharia hornemanii
Suillus caerulescens
Suillus lakei
Suillus punctatipes
Suillus punctatipes pale cap version
Tapinella atrotomentosa
Thelephora caryophyllea?
Trametes versicolor
Tricholoma avellaneifolium (portentosum)
Tricholoma equestre
Tricholoma focale
Tricholoma imbricatum
Tricholoma pessindatum group
Tricholoma populinum
Tricholoma murrillianum
Tricholoma vaccinum
Tricholoma pardinum
Tricholoma saponaceum
Tricholoma terreum
Tricholoma frondosae
Tricholomopsis decora
Truncocolumella citrina
Turbinellus floccosus
Xerocomellus atropurpureus
Xerocomellus diffractus
Xerocomellus zelleri
Xerocomellus amylosporus
Xerocomus subtomentosus grp
Xeromphalina campenella/enigmatica
Xeromphalina cauticinalis
Xeromphalina (Heimiomyces) fulvipes
Xylaria hypoxylon



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