Bridle Trails Study April 2018 Photo Recap

Photos by Daniel Winkler

2018-04-30 Mycena acicula PMax DW Ms

Mycena acicula (for scale the white spheres are conifer pollen )

Hohenbuehelia ZS ret Crr DW Ms

Hohenbuehelia sp. probably H.grisea growing on hazel twig

Hohenbuehelia gills CCr M

Another view of Hohenbuehelia sp.

Auriscalpum vulgare BTSP PM Ms DW

Auriscalpum vulgare on doug fir cone

Stereum ochraceoflavum ZS DW Ms

Stereum ochraceoflavum on hazel

Stictis radiata 20180430 Cr ed DW Ms

Stictis radiata, each only about 0.4mm = 0.015 in

Thank you Daniel for sharing your photos.  Check out Daniel’s website for more great mushroom photos and information about mushroom eco-tours!

Daniel Winkler also leads the Bridle Trails Study. Groups go out every 2 weeks on alternating Sundays and Mondays. If you are a PSMS member and are interested in joining the group, contact Luise Asif at


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