by Kim Traverse, PSMS President

When I started volunteering I was more willing than able but soon learned that I was more able than I had thought. My efforts were appreciated by people I valued and respected and that just happened to make me feel pretty good. I was quickly hooked. Many of the best experiences of my life have happened during the times I was volunteering. Some of the most interesting, fun and instructive things that have happened to me happened while I was trying to help something along that seemed like a good idea.

Scotti Carlos Kim Jim Milton BT 2-2016 Ms

Kim Traverse

Volunteering can bring out the best things about us all. When we are not thinking about personal gain but the good of a something worthy of our efforts there is something refreshingly pure and simple about our efforts. The focus on a good outcome we all agreed upon sweeps away a lot of debris. And volunteering for PSMS has some extra pluses: we have a great mission- we share the wonders of the Fungal Kingdom on many levels with other people, (most of whom are pretty surprised by what they learn), and we get to do all this with a group of people who are unfailingly a joy to work with. Sure, we can argue about the details- we are not a bunch of saints, but we get the job at hand DONE and we have a great time doing it. Something to learn at every step. I started out with PSMS gluing circulation card pockets in our library books. Not exciting maybe but it got me thinking about the way the books were cataloged which led to becoming librarian and reorganizing the library. That led to serving on the Board and then to chairing the annual show. All along the way, there have been opportunities not just to get things done but to simplify, make easier and generally improve things. Satisfying work, I say. And plenty of it to go around- there are lots of things that always need doing and PSMS is an organization that supports volunteers with good ideas about what else needs to get done.