Remember Me?

Ghost Morel

Ghost Morels

Remember me?  I just wanted to let you know, I’ll be back before you know it.


Insert angelic choir swell, maybe something in Major 8 Major


It’s all mine.

I thought, to get folks into the spirit of the hunt that I’d link up a few articles about Morels from last spring.

‘Tis The Season

4000ft. Morels

The Last Morel(s) Standing pt.1

The Last Morel(s) Standing pt.2


Fooled ya!  Don’t fall for the Verpa trap, unless of course that’s your thing.


A Simple Oyster Mushroom Breakfast


Fried eggs on english muffins with oyster mushrooms and fresh herbs

by Erin & Brady Raymond

Saute the oyster mushrooms in butter on medium high until they start to look crispy. Once they look done,  put them on a plate with a paper towel to soak up the excess butter while cooking the eggs and toasting the english muffins.  This breakfast comes together pretty quickly and the fresh parsley and thyme really set it off.

Often times keeping it simple yields delicious results, case in point.  It was exciting to find our first oysters of the year too, and that surely made such a simple recipe that much more rewarding.  We noticed a number of small oysters growing on a log, too small to harvest, just before we found this nice little clump (pictured below).  The weather has been perfect as of late and I’m sure anyone who takes the time to look for dead Alder trees will find themselves eating some oyster mushrooms too.

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Figuring Things Out, I Think, Well, Maybe


It’s a Peziza, right?

by Brady Raymond

Fungal diversity in the PNW is lower in the spring than in the fall, yet interesting mushrooms are to be found for those willing to look.  To be fair, our regions mycofloral diversity is only lacking in the fruiting bodies, the mycelium of all the fall players still lurks below our feet and imbedded deep within dead wood, building and storing energy for their inevitable fall flush.

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Don’t forget to check out the Union Bay Natural Area just behind The Center for Urban Horticulture, also known as the Montlake Fill.  A great place for a stroll with the family, make sure to bring your binoculars as it is one of Seattle’s best birding hotspots.

For more info check out their website, Union Bay Natural Area



by Kim Traverse, PSMS President

When I started volunteering I was more willing than able but soon learned that I was more able than I had thought. My efforts were appreciated by people I valued and respected and that just happened to make me feel pretty good. I was quickly hooked. Many of the best experiences of my life have happened during the times I was volunteering. Some of the most interesting, fun and instructive things that have happened to me happened while I was trying to help something along that seemed like a good idea.

Scotti Carlos Kim Jim Milton BT 2-2016 Ms

Kim Traverse

Volunteering can bring out the best things about us all. When we are not thinking about personal gain but the good of a something worthy of our efforts there is something refreshingly pure and simple about our efforts. The focus on a good outcome we all agreed upon sweeps away a lot of debris. And volunteering for PSMS has some extra pluses: we have a great mission- we share the wonders of the Fungal Kingdom on many levels with other people, (most of whom are pretty surprised by what they learn), and we get to do all this with a group of people who are unfailingly a joy to work with. Sure, we can argue about the details- we are not a bunch of saints, but we get the job at hand DONE and we have a great time doing it. Something to learn at every step. I started out with PSMS gluing circulation card pockets in our library books. Not exciting maybe but it got me thinking about the way the books were cataloged which led to becoming librarian and reorganizing the library. That led to serving on the Board and then to chairing the annual show. All along the way, there have been opportunities not just to get things done but to simplify, make easier and generally improve things. Satisfying work, I say. And plenty of it to go around- there are lots of things that always need doing and PSMS is an organization that supports volunteers with good ideas about what else needs to get done.