This Month in PSMS History…

by Danny Miller

Our very first Spore Prints was published in April, way back in 1964! Back then it was not called Spore Prints yet, it was simply PSMS Bulletin #1. Meetings back then were held at the Pacific Science Center, and the first meeting’s topic was a talk by UW Mycologist and PSMS co-founder Dr. Daniel Stuntz, entitled “Painless Taxonomy or How Those Mushrooms Got Those Godawful Names”. I have a feeling that would still be a popular talk today.

Our very first president was Benjamin Woo, an avid Russula collector who contributed a whole lot to our understanding of that genus. Ben Woo’s Russulas, in fact, are going to be the topic of our May monthly meeting! Also, our big Fall Foray this year, a joint venture with other clubs, is going to be named after him. More exciting news to come.

Would you like to read the very first Spore Prints? Did you know that all 522 issues are available online at And that the issues are all searchable? This is a great resource for mycological research. And here’s a question to get you started in your research… if there are 522 issues, why is the latest bulletin only numbered #521?