PSMS Bridle Trail Funga Study Meeting

7:30 pm Thursday March 17, 2016
Center for Urban Horticulture, UW Seattle (Where we usually have our monthly meetings)

Anybody interested getting involved in our newly launched local mushroom study is most welcome to attend the meeting. We will be discussing the nuts and bolts regarding timing, forming collection teams and past collection processing.

You do NOT need to be a mushroom identifier. Being interested in learning more about mushrooms is sufficient and there is many ways to contribute in our group effort. It is crucial that volunteers step forward to support the project organization. Most important right now is finding two or three project coordinators, especially for an email list service and forwarding info to the PSMS webpage and the new blog. Also, if a bunch of people want to meet at CUH before crossing the 520 bridge that would need coordination. In any case, it is a good opportunity to get to know more mushrooms and PSMS members.

We will be discussing how to select sites in Bridle Trails State Park, how often we want to go collect, how we will set up specimen collection, documentation (photography, notes, descriptions? and entry of this info in a data base, probably and processing (drying, selection for DNA sequencing, depositing). Also, if we want to work on the collection during an outing, where are we going to work on the collected mushrooms? Should we use local library meeting rooms we can reserve for free once a month around the BTSP (i.e. in Bellevue, Kirkland & Redmond etc.) or should we meet in a room at CUH (further away from the site and more costly). Where and how are we going to dry the specimens for vouchering, while making sure each collection is carefully labeled even while in the dryer? Do we have enough dehydrators between us or should PSMS have its own?

We will also discuss details about the project methodology in regard of study design. However, this subject will probably require a prolonged discussion and digging up comparable studies to inform ourselves of our options. Also we need to have better knowledge of the opportunities and limitations of in BTSP.